About Me

Being sincere at whatever he does, Akash Kumar excelled in academics as well as co-curricular activities in his school life. Growing up in a baniya family with a family-owned business, he embraced the business culture. With a science background in Class 12 and Chartered Accountant studies after that, he developed a taste for both fields.

In 2014, he joined his father’s business to learn how to play the game of business. He learned how business is done traditionally through Brick & Mortar stores. From reading and listening to the stories of the best all-time entrepreneurs to designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling products, he further mastered his craft.

He was motivated to further his journey and decided to give e-commerce a shot. With extreme effort and dedication, he was able to take his existing loss-making family business online and made it profitable in its first few months.

With hands-on work in all fields including purchase, marketing, sales, legal, finance, hiring, etc., he witnessed actual problems that a small entrepreneur faces due to limited access to resources. With his heart and soul wanting to help people who are facing similar issues in this entrepreneurial journey, he decided to share his knowledge through his blog tarashme and build a community where like-minded people come, interact and help each other!

Our Mission & Vission

Empowering Entrepreneurs

empowering entrepreneurs

Our Vision

To Encourage Entrepreneurship and Empower Entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

Our vision acts as the guiding light for all our actions and decisions – to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs and to build a community of like-minded people.

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