Amazon Seller Central

Amazon Seller Central

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Lesson 6: Glimpse of Amazon Seller Central

Selling On Amazon

hello removebg previewHello friends! What’s up?

Once we register on Amazon, it provides us a CRM to manage our business on Amazon.

Today, we will see a glimpse of this CRM ‘Amazon Seller Central’.

Do not worry if you do not understand everything in this lesson. By the end of this course, you will be an expert at everything relating to selling on Amazon.

Now, come along, and have a look at the vital features of Amazon Seller Central.

Sell On Amazon

Amazon Seller Central

Go to Google & type ‘Amazon Seller Central.’ Click on the first link. Ensure that you click on and not on

Amazon Seller Central

Enter your Amazon registered email ID/mobile number and password. If you have opted for 2 step security, it might ask you to enter an OTP from your registered mobile number.

sell on amazon books

The above image shows how Amazon Seller Central looks. At first glance, it might look intimidating with a lot of features.

Therefore, we will follow ‘the law of vital few.’

The law of vital few states that 20% of efforts brings 80% of results and the rest 80% of efforts brings only 20% of results. 

We will try to understand the main features of the seller central first. Then, once we are comfortable with those, we go deep into other features as well.

#1 Catalogue Tab

To list a product on Amazon, whether an existing product by mapping or creating a new listing with your brand name, go to the ‘Catalogue’ tab.

sell on amazon guide

We will explain the listing process in detail later in this course.

#2 Inventory Tab

Go to ‘Manage Inventory’ under Inventory Tab to understand everything relating to the products you are selling.

sell on amazon mobile phone

To understand the meaning of various inventory terms used in Inventory Management on Amazon, Click Here.

#3 Orders Tab

To manage the orders that you have received, go to ‘Manage Orders’ under Orders Tab. Here you will find the Pending Orders, Unshipped Orders, Cancelled Orders & Sent Orders.

sell on amazon today

To understand the manage orders subhead in detail, Click Here.

#4 Advertising Tab

One of the most important features of Amazon is Advertising. Unfortunately, keeping the advertising cost minimum is an art, and those who excel in it gain a massive competitive advantage on Amazon against those who are not good at it.

Amazon has an altogether separate dashboard for Advertising. It also has a separate support team for advertising queries.

sell on amazon today clothes

To learn the various terms of Advertising, Click Here.

#5 Reports Tab

Now comes the tab that we all as entrepreneurs have been waiting for, The Payments Tab. This tab shows in detail everything related to money between us as sellers and Amazon. It clearly shows the amounts that Amazon charges from us. It also shows the amount that is paid to us after deducting Amazon expenses.

sell on amazon today for men

Learning how to read the payments tab is an art that one must learn. If you can’t monitor your payments regularly, you will soon lose a lot of money as Amazon has many rules, and it deducts your amount for every mistake you make.

Learn this art, and you will do great on Amazon in the long run. To understand how to read payments, Click Here. 

#6 Performance Tab

Last but not least is the ‘Performance’ Tab. If you have to operate a business smoothly, you will have to follow the law of the land. The same applies here.

Amazon has specific metrics to evaluate the performance of the seller. The seller must constantly monitor these metrics and keep them within Amazon specified limits to prevent the account from getting suspended.

sell on amazon today toy

Also, the latest launch of the STEP Program gives sellers extra monetary benefits for good performance.

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I hope this gives you a brief idea about Amazon Seller Central. I understand you have a lot of questions now. Feel free to put them in the comments box, and I’ll be happy to answer you!
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