Step by Step Guide amazon registration as a seller

Registration on Amazon as a Seller

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Lesson 5: Registration on Amazon as a Seller

Step by Step Guide amazon registration as a seller

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Today we will learn the step-by-step process to register on Amazon Seller Central.

First, we will look at the process to register on

Now, before starting the registration process on Amazon India, ensure that you have the following documents available with you –

  • An Active Mobile Number
  • GST Number*
  • PAN Number
  • Active Bank Account
  • Email ID

*Not Applicable for GST Exempt products like books, certain handicrafts, some edible goods, etc.

Check the GST Tax Rates and HSN Codes on your products here.

To learn step by step process to apply for a PAN Number, Click Here.

To understand the process to Register your business for GST, Click Here.

Initially, I would recommend you register yourself as an Individual/Sole Proprietor. To know more about various legal structures, Click Here.

Checklist - how to register as a seller in amazon india

Registration on Amazon as a Seller

Once you have all the documents handy, start the registration process.

Step 1: Go To Click on Start Selling.

Step 2: Choose ‘Create a new account on’

Step 3: Enter the legal company name provided in your GST Registration.

Step 4: Verify your Mobile Number through OTP.

Step 5: Provide your Store Name, Product & your Business Address.

Step 6: Enter your TAX Information, including GST Number & PAN Number.

Step 7: Enter any remaining details on the Amazon Selling Dashboard and upload your signature.

Step 8: Click on ‘Launch your business.’

Note: We will study the product listing process in detail later in this course.

If you are stuck somewhere during the registration process, you can check this Self Help Guide on Registration on Amazon.

Amazon Marketplaces -how to get a seller account on amazon

Amazon is expanding very fast into new countries as well. Amazon US continues to be the biggest Amazon marketplace. While the registration and selling process remains similar in all marketplaces, there are certain points to remember to expand in other marketplaces. offers 2 options to sell – As an Individual Account or Professional Account.

The Individual account has fewer benefits, but it is free. On the other hand, a Professional account offers more features for more established and serious sellers, but it has a monthly fee of $39.99.

Other marketplaces have different fees for their Professional Accounts.

I recommend you go for an Individual account first, and once you get a grasp of Selling on Amazon, you go for a professional account.

The documents and tax requirements will vary from one marketplace to another. So, before starting to sell on any marketplace, read the specific requirements to sell in that marketplace.

FAQs - registration on amazon as a seller account


Ques. I already have an Amazon Customer Account. Can I use the same account for registration on Amazon Seller Central?

Ans. Yes, you can sign in using your Amazon customer account’s mobile number/email ID and password.

But I recommend you keep your business email different as you will receive many emails from the Selling on Amazon Team.

Ques. Can I have two amazon seller accounts?

Ans. Amazon allows only one seller account in one person’s name. Therefore, you cannot have 2 amazon seller accounts.

Some sellers have multiple seller accounts as they use different email IDs, mobile numbers and different devices. This is because Amazon tracks the IP address of the device as well.

But this works only till the time Amazon notices and suspends the account.

I would recommend you not to do so as all your effort in building the listings and collecting good reviews will go into vain once Amazon suspends your account.

Ques. What should my Store Display name be?

Ans. Your Store Name is visible on your Store Page and on all product pages to customers.

I recommend you to use the brand name as a store name. However, if the exact name is not available, become creative. For example, we named our store name PopulaR (last alphabet capital) as ‘Popular’ or ‘popular’ were unavailable.

If you don’t have a brand yet, use a generic name rather than a specific name. For example, a specific name, ‘Ramesh Grinders,’ will restrict you to selling grinders only. Rather go for a broad name like ‘Ramesh’s Kitchen’ to allow future product line expansion.

To choose a brilliant name for your business, Click Here.

how to sign up on amazon as a seller

Ques. Amazon is asking to complete tax information to sell. Is this normal?

Ans. Yes, it’s the law, and you will have to follow the law of the land to do business. Since Amazon is paying money to you for selling products on its platform, it must hold your tax information to file proper tax returns.

Ques. I’ve made several mistakes while registering my seller account. Can I do it again from the very beginning?

Ans. If your account has already been created and you have access to the account, don’t try to create a new one. This is because Amazon doesn’t allow more than 1 account in one’s name. Also, your details have already been saved in Amazon Database once you register, and if you try to register again, it might increase your problems further.

The best option is to contact Amazon Seller Associates through the ‘Help’ Section on the dashboard.

To understand how the ‘Help Section’ works, Click Here.

On the other hand, if you haven’t gone too far, use a different email and preferably a different mobile number to do it again.

Ques. I just signed up for an account, and Amazon has put my account under review? What should I do now?

Ans. 1) Check if you have submitted all the required information and documents in the required format. Also, check for typing errors in various fields.

2) Make sure that the documents submitted are in high resolution, making it easy for them to read the uploaded document.

3) Ensure that all the information entered in various fields matches the information mentioned in the documents upload.

4) Do not upload more documents than what Amazon has asked for. That will increase the chances of messing up the application.

And remember, there is no way around it. You have to complete this documentation process to be able to sell on Amazon.

Ques: Can I Sign Up for a Practice Account first to learn how to sell and then go for a new account to sell seriously?

Ans. No.

Amazon allows only one seller account in one person’s name. Therefore, you cannot have one account for practice and another for serious selling.

register as a seller on amazon india

Ques. If I register for an Individual Seller account, can I upgrade to a Professional seller account later?

Ans. Yes, you can upgrade/downgrade at any time.

Ques. If I start selling as a Sole Proprietor and then decide to trade as a company, can I do so?

Ans. Yes, you can change the legal status of your business from Sole Proprietorship to a Company. However, it will not affect your account as the GST number will remain the same.

You can also do the same while selling on other marketplaces, but if you have the Individual Seller account, you need to upgrade to the Professional Seller account to change from selling as a Sole Proprietor to selling as a company.

Ques. Even when I click to sign up for an Individual account, I only land on the professional account page. What to do?

Ans. This might be because you have gone to the professional selling account page before. To fix this, clear the cookies and change the browser and then try. If it still doesn’t work, try from a different device.

Ques. Do I need to register my business in the country that I am selling? Do I need that country’s bank account?

Ans. No.

For example, if you are selling from India in the US marketplace, your Indian tax registration is enough. However, some marketplaces might have other legal requirements as well.

Also, you can receive the payments in your Indian Bank Account or open a Payoneer Account. There is no need to open a bank account in the US.

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